The Embroidered Patches to Personalize Your Apparel for Fun

The Embroidered Patches to Personalize Your Apparel for Fun

To give you clothing a second life with new fashion styles, one of the most wonderful ways is to decorate it with eye-catching embroidered patch designs. The bright vivid colors and various shapes of quality embroidered patches will give your clothes, dresses, hats, jeans and DIY accessories a stylish look. In this article, we would like to recommend our 6 unique and on-trend embroidered patch designs that are easy to catch eyes. For more great options about cool embroidered patch designs, please click here.   

1.  Black Spot Cow

The spot cow’s cute face delicately embroidered on patch is our pretty and bestselling design that you can’t miss for your clothing decoration. The black and white colors look simple, but easy to catch the eye. The quality thread material gives you long-lasting use. The decorative embroidered patch in a lovely spot cow shape is also easy to attach to your clothes when it is ironed. Well you can try this black spot cow embroidered patch design on your clothing accessories to see a unique fashion style.

2. Be Kind

The Be Kind quote text design is suitable for those who love quote patterns and simplicity. It’s delicately embroidered with premium black thread in a sweet pink background. If you decorate your black colored clothing accessories with this embroidered patch, it looks very standout and eye-catching, like the mockup products. It’s also simple to use by ironing or sewing on any items you wish. So, you can easily get creative products in your personal fashion styles with this amazing embroidered patch.

3. Red Cardinal Bird

Ironing the patch embroidered with a red bird on torn clothing is an artful way to show your creativity and fashion style. Likewise, this embroidered red bird is perfect for adorning T-shirts, jackets, hats, bags, backpacks, purses and more. With high quality material of colored thread, the embroidered patch helps you easily hide holes or torn places on your clothes as well as embellish them more beautifully.

4. Black Bombay Kitten Cat 

The black Bombay kitten cat shaped in an embroidered patch is our stylish design to make your clothing decoration stand out. The cat face looks funny, adorable and great for decorating your clothing accessories. This black Bombay kitten cat design is embroidered with good thread and delicate embroidery to give you a high quality patch for long-lasting use. This design is now available on our embroidered patch collection.

5. Red Vintage Tape

If you love patch designs in vintage styles, the vintage tape themed patch is the one for you. It is delicately embroidered with vivid colors to make your decoration stand out. You simply iron on your clothes and other clothing accessories to see how artful and cool it is. This vintage tape design is excellent for jeans, jackets, hats, bags and more.

6. Baby Pig 

This baby pig design looks so cute. It is beautifully embroidered with quality and sturdy thread to make it stand out easily on your clothes and other accessories. It’s easy for you to iron this adorable patch in order to adorn your jeans, hats, backpack and so on. Its size is perfect for most places where you want to sew on. If you like the adorable baby pig in sweet pink color, you will certainly feel pleased after it is ironed on your clothing accessories.

These artful embroidered patch designs are wonderful fashion accessories when you want to renew your clothes or change your fashion styles. Please do not hesitate to explore more unique and eye-catching designs of embroidered patches on We are happy and ready to receive your orders and helpful comments.

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