6 Popular Car Coasters to Spice Your Car's Interior

6 Popular Car Coasters to Spice Your Car's Interior

All vehicles have cup holders, but not all are easy to clean and seem to catch all kinds of crumbs and other debris. Thankfully, decorative removable car coasters are an ideal solution that not only keeps your car clean but also gives it a perfect interior decoration. We would like to introduce 6 eye-catching designs of round neoprene car coasters that you can both embellish your car and keep it clean all time.

1. Red Ladybug Design

Red ladybug 1Red ladybug 2

This red ladybug coaster design looks unique and attractive. The black and red colors of the ladybug make it stand out and clean. Plus, the quality neoprene material ensures high water-resistance to keep your car’s cup holders dry always. These red ladybug car coasters will be a perfect selection that you can’t miss.

2. Blue White Mandala Design

 Blue White Mandala 1Blue White Mandala 2

If you like geometric designs, this blue white Mandala design on round car coasters is the best one for you. The harmonious combination of blue and white colors gives the round car coasters elegance and artful decoration. Their sizes fit your car’s cup holders and the premium material of Neoprene is durable, water-resistant, washable and perfect for protecting your car’s cup holders from condensation and dirt.

3. Purple Nebula Galaxy Design

Purple Nebula Galaxy 1Purple Nebula Galaxy 2

To give your car a stylish look and keep its cup holders from condensation, this purple nebula galaxy design is a great choice. The purple color of the galaxy looks sparkling and mysterious. This galaxy-themed coaster design is rather simple, but it always stands out in your car. 

4. Panda Bear Design

Panda Bear 1Panda Bear 2

The panda bear design is so cute and perfect for your car interior decoration. This neoprene car coasters printed with an adorable panda surely gives your car an attractive decoration and high protection from condensation, spill and dirt. Well, these beautiful and high-quality car coasters surely make you feel happy!

5. Mermaid Scale Wave Design

Mermaid Scales Wave 1Mermaid Scales Wave 2

Ocean-themed designs are always popular as they are full of nature and freshness. The round neoprene car coasters printed with a blue Mermaid scale wave seem pretty, stylish, fashionable and especially suitable for decorating your car’s cup holders. The good neoprene material is sturdy and washable to help you keep your car clean and dry. With this amazing Mermaid scale wave design, your car’s appearance is certainly enhanced.

6. Multicolor Dog Paw Design

Multicolor Dog Paws 1Multicolor Dog Paws 2

Cute multicolor dog paw print is an eye-catching and bestselling design that is great for your car interior decoration. These nice colorful dog paw car coasters are made of high-grade neoprene material that allows you to use them for a long time. They help you protect your car’s cup holders from spillage, condensation and dirt, they also adorn your car with a fashionable and elegant style at the same time.

These artful car coasters are useful decorative accessories that not only keep your car clean and mess-free but also embellish it in a stylish and fashionable style. There are many eye-catching designs you can choose as your interest. The 6 unique neoprene car coasters mentioned above are on-trend products in our car coaster collection. To get more stylish designs of car coasters, please go here. We are happy and ready to receive your orders and helpful comments.

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