Creative Cooler Sleeve Gift

Creative Cooler Sleeve Gift

Are you looking for a practical and stylish cooler bottle sleeve? Don’t waste time searching for the best gift cooler bottle sleeve out there. We've got the most fun and stylish items right here. We're even going to give you our list of great cooler sleeves that you can choose from for your gift!

#1  Tomatoes, Lemon, Peaches Beer Bottle Sleeve

This stylish and useful cooler with a delicious and fun gift with flair. Colorful and trendy neoprene simple inspirations drink sleeves will keep any bottle or can cold and your hands warm. With a funny fruit design with neoprene material , this stunning bottle bag feels more like a handbag and is designed for those who love carrying bottles while traveling. The bottle cooler is about 2.36 x 8.26 inches (6 x 21 cm) that fits most 12 Oz beer bottles and the strong zipper allows you to open and close easily. The funny fruits design artwork makes this item a practical and inspirational gift for your friend and family.

#2  Turtle, Seashells Can Sleeve

Color and chill each day in summer with this skinny can sleeve. Bright and colorful sleeve is designed to keep canned beverages cold. It measures about 3.54 x 6.29 inches (9 x 16 cm) that fits all 12 Oz cans. This premium sleeve keeps your beer or drink cold and  protects your hands from getting cold or hot drink temperatures. The supreme package includes a set of 6 pieces 12 Oz can cooler sleeves. This cooler sleeve is perfect for when you want to bring a bottle to a picnic or a party.

#3 Black Houndstooth Bottle Sleeve

Looking for a unique and practical gift for a holiday ? This black houndstooth bottle sleeve is the perfect party favor to use for the holiday party. The soft and comfortable bottle sleeve is not easy to deform. It is made of premium  neoprene material to keep your refreshing cold drink cooler. The sleeve measures 7.3 inch in  height and diameter 2.36 inch which fits for a 12 to 16 oz bottle. It protects your bottle surface from being scratched, scraping, extrusion and so on.

#4 English Bulldog, Chicken, Cat Beer Bottle Sleeve

If you’re going to give a friend a gift, make sure it's functional and aesthetic. Our animal design bottle cooler is a great design that you can delight. The  neoprene sleeves keep your refreshing cold drink cooler and longer, and the  soft and comfortable bottle sleeve is not easy to deform. With this premium collectible animal bottle sleeve you add something special to your present!

#5 Starry Night, Irises Can Sleeve

This modern art printed can sleeve is one of our favorites. The layers of soft neoprene absorb condensation on cold drinks and provide protection from hot beverages.  It brings a wonderful vibe and style to the table. The unique elastic sleeve measures about 3.54 x 6.29 inches (9 x 16 cm) that fits all 12 Oz cans.

#6 English Bulldog Playful Postures Bottle Sleeve

Dog Bottle sleeves are perfect for all kinds of fun in the sun.  You can enjoy the great outdoors, stay cool on the trip, or bring the bulldog design sleeve to the beach. The sleeve is made of a soft texture, which can protect the bottle well. This decorative easy-carrying sleeve is the perfect gift for your loved one.
Finding the perfect gift can be a stressful experience, so listed above are the features that can help you make a choice. To find out more about the unusual and thoughtful gift, check out our gift ideas we recommend.
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