Cute Fox Themed Accessories Giving You A Unique Decoration Style

Cute Fox Themed Accessories Giving You A Unique Decoration Style

We often see foxes popping up in artful products such as holiday cards, wall art, posters, baby products and more. Their gorgeously colored fur definitely set the stunning tones for the whole design. If you are planning to find decorative products or supplies printed with cute fox images, we recommend you some of the bestselling fox themed items available on our page. Be sure to check out our lovely collection of fox themed products here.

1. Fridge Magnets

If you love red foxes, choose this red fox’s cute face designs on fridge magnets for your home or office decoration. The bright colors and lovely facial expressions on the red fox’s face make your décor stand out and look stylish. This bestselling red fox themed fridge magnet comes with a strong magnet that is easy to stick firmly without any damages and can work well on any smooth metallic surfaces such as fridge doors, lockers, filing cabinets, iron boxes, washing machines, etc. It’s very convenient for attaching small notes, photos, to-do-lists and so on to remind you of what you will have to finish. It’s worth being chosen as a nice gift for family and friends on special occasions.

2. Chapstick Keychain Holders

The chapstick keychain holders printed with cute lying red fox is our best selling product that is made of quality and durable neoprene material. They are printed on both sides of the holders to give you a perfect and useful accessory for attaching keys and lipsticks. With its 2.16 x 4.13 inch size, it’s portable and convenient for storing in bags, hand bags, purses and so on for daily use. The lying red foxes on black backgrounds look standout, fashionable and great for gift ideas for girls and women on special holidays.

3. Embroidered Patches

An adorable red fox face embroidered on the patch is an eye-catching and bestselling fashion accessory for those who are interested in decorating their clothes, hats, jackets, jeans and so on. The 2 x 2 inch patch used high-quality embroidery with a thick and bright-colored scheme to generate a perfect and stylish embroidered patch. With the bright red color of the red fox fur, your clothes surely stand out and make differences after decorating with it. Also, its sturdy adhesive allows you to easily iron or sew on shirts, towels, t-shirts, jeans, hats, pillows, and more.

4. Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Temporary tattoo sticker with an image of fox, crow and butterflies is an eye-catching cosmetic accessory giving your body a unique and impressive style. This fake fox themed tattoo sticker is made of quality ink that is long-lasting and safe to bring a natural beauty to your neck, arms, wrists, shoulders, legs, back and so on. The 6 x 7.87 inch tattoo sheet is easy to apply and remove with alcohol or baby oil without damaging your skin. For those who love artful tattoos, this temporary tattoo sticker with a stylish image of red fox, crow and butterflies will be a perfect choice.

5. Sign Double-Sided Magnet Flips

The very convenient decorative accessories for household use that you can choose for your family or share with friends and relatives are double-sided sign magnet flips. They are beautifully designed with cute red fox faces showing two different facial expressions. One front side with a smiley face says the Clean sign and the back side with a sad face shows the Dirty sign. The lovely double-side sign magnet flips are produced with durable and quality double-sided flexible magnets that are great for decorating kitchens and offices. The cute red fox face designs with clear texts are eye-catching and easy to remind you of the status when you are using household devices like dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

6. Round Mouse Pads

If you just want to see a red fox’s adorable face, the red fox face themed mouse pad is perfect for your choice. The cute red fox face completely stands out on the black background of the round mouse pad. The quality round mouse pad is designed with a durable non-slip rubber base that allows you to move your mouse easily. With the eye-catching red fox face design, this round mouse pad is great for decorating your home or office desks. This stylish office product is worth choosing as a nice gift for friends, colleagues and loved one on special occasions.

Fashion products designed with cute fox themed prints are great choices for your decorations. Beside 6 recommended products above, we have a wide range of beautiful fox themed designs available at our channel here. All you need to do now is to decide which artful products you love and choose them.

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