Eye-catching Duplex Outlet Cover Designs To Spruce Up Your Home Décor

Eye-catching Duplex Outlet Cover Designs To Spruce Up Your Home Décor

If you are planning to enhance your house’s beauty especially for your switches and outlets, I would like to recommend a range of eye-catching designs of duplex outlet covers with different styles and finishes to add modern touches to your home or office. All of the duplex outlet covers are made of quality materials and come with matching screws that are easy for your installation. It makes sure that you will find the best selection of duplex outlet covers which are suitable for your home décor. Go here to browse a wide variety of duplex outlet covers in various designs


1. Bling Crystal Rhinestones Design

Bling Crystal Rhinestones DesignBling Crystal Rhinestones Design.

This duplex outlet cover beautifully designed with bling pink rhinestones surely lights up any room in your home or office. It is made of the lightweight and quality PC plastic material and is adorned with durable shiny clear crystals in sweet pink, which is very perfect for adding the finishing touch and luxury to your home and office. The on-trend outlet cover design is also simple to install with including screws without taking your time. It’s very easy for you to find this eye-catching design of sparkling rhinestone duplex outlet covers in different colors, just check it out at our website link here.

2. Orange Tabby Kitten Cat Design

Orange Tabby Kitten Cat DesignOrange Tabby Kitten Cat Design

If you like animal-themed designs, this tabby kitten cat’s adorable face printed on the premium plastic duplex outlet cover is great for your choice. The orange tabby kitten cat design will make your room look brilliant and elegant. Each duplex outlet plate cover comes with screws to make your installation easier. As the mockup shown, the electrical outlet cover with the cat face design stands out on the wall and seems artful. You can also search for more different eye-catching animal-themed duplex outlet covers that fit your style on our site.

3. Royal Gray Marble Design

Royal Gray Marble DesignRoyal Gray Marble Design

The royal gray marble design printed on the quality and durable PC plastic duplex outlet cover is excellent for outfitting your home and office. The gray marble color looks clean, elegant and fashionable. It’s also easy to match with your interior decoration styles. Equipped with matching screws, installation becomes easy and saves time. So now, cover electrical devices in your home or office with this stylish royal gray marble design to have a more perfect living space.

4. Tulip Flowers Design

Tulip Flowers DesignTulip Flowers Design

Natural scenes are a great addition to your home’s beauty. The duplex outlet cover printed with the blooming tulip flowers design will make your home more vivid and beautiful. Made of premium plastic material with lovely printed images, this electrical outlet cover with included screws is eco-friendly, sturdy and perfect for decorating homes, stores, offices, etc. Plus, it is designed with vibrant colors to suit most wall paint colors and interior décor styles. If you love flower themed designs on duplex outlet cover products, they are now completely available for your choice on the site.

5. Teal Purple Geometric Pattern

Teal Purple Geometric PatternTeal Purple Geometric Pattern

The teal purple geometric pattern is a piece of art that would add a special touch to any room in your home or office. This design looks simple, but elegant and easy to stand out on most wall types. The high-grade plastic material is lightweight, durable and easy to use. It comes with matching screws that help you install quickly and easily. If you have interest in the simplicity of art, I think that the teal purple geometric pattern is the one you should choose.

6. Three American Goldfinch Birds Design

Three American Goldfinch Birds DesignThree American Goldfinch Birds Design

If your home walls are painted with brilliant colors, this duplex outlet cover printed with the three American goldfinch birds design is eye-catching, artful and great for enhancing your home’s beauty. This lovely electrical outlet cover design will make your living spaces full of joy and fresh natural colors. The high quality plastic product promises to be durable and comes with matching screws that allow you to install the electrical outlet cover simply and easily. This stylish design together with a range of natural landscape themed designs on duplex outlet covers are now available for your search.

Each stylish and artful design on each duplex outlet cover will give you a whole world of design ideas to renew your living spaces and make them full of attractive decorations. Please do not hesitate to explore more unique and eye-catching designs of duplex outlet covers on wirester.com. We are happy and ready to receive your orders and helpful comments.


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