Why German Shepherd Is My Favorite Dog

Why German Shepherd Is My Favorite Dog

In the world of animals, Dogs are commonly considered as adorable and affectionate four-leg friends that are often drawn in the Art as well as movies. There are many different dog breeds which we can feed and love as loyal loving companions. Among them, German Shepherd is my favorite dog breed because of four reasons below:

1. Intelligence

The first point that I like about the German Shepherd dog breed is their intelligence. They are listed in the top three smartest dog breeds with the mental capability of a 2.5 year- old human child. They have a fast and retentive memory which helps them understand and remember words. So, they are very self-confident and trainable dogs. Plus, German Shepherd dogs are perfect for families as they have great natural protective instinct to protect their loved ones from dangers.

2. Great Affection

The second reason why the German Shepherd dog breed is my favorite one is their great affection. When you feed and love a dog, you will clearly feel how he or she is. With German Shepherd dogs, they are very affectionate. These dogs love to please their owners and make them happy. It’s especially easy to see that obeying commands and instructions is a significant way that the German Shepherd dogs show their love for others. They often snuggle into your lap when they feel very affectionate. They also try to show their love to owners by bringing favorite items to their owners. If these items are your favorite toy or blanket, it means that the adorable dogs are expressing their adoration to you. You can also find other special and unique signs that mean they love you like looking into your eyes, climbing into your lap or laying on clothing or materials that have your scent.

3. Lovely Appearance

The German Shepherd’s appearance is the trait that I am most impressed with. One of the highlights of the German Shepherds which I love is their eyes. They have dark and almond-shaped eyes with an intelligent and eager expression. They own a nice black, square nose and a long, straight muzzle. Plus, their coat colors are very beautiful and these coat colors vary wildly and include black and tan, black and cream, black and red, black and silver and bi-color (black with a few areas of brown or tan). The German Shepherds look so cute with their soft, floppy ears down. They are born with a long, bushy tail with a slight hook like a saber which makes their appearance more perfect.

I love seeing them in pictures, the Art and anywhere their face images are drawn. So, I am interested in collecting products printed with German Shepherd dog themes in order to use daily as well as decorate my home. Simply, these decorative products with German Shepherd dog themed designs are ceramic coffee mugs, drop earrings, ID badge reel holders, phone cases, canvas wall prints and others as you can see below.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs – Black TanGerman Shepherd Dog

I love the cute face design of the black tan German Shepherd dog, so I choose this ceramic coffee mug to enjoy morning coffee each day. This coffee mug looks cute, fashionable and suitable for display and daily use. It’s also a great gift that you can send to your loved ones.

Acrylic Drop Earrings –German Shepherd Dog

Also, I often choose German Shepherd themed designs on fashion jewelry products like the lovely acrylic drop earrings. This quality drop earring in the cute face shape of the German Shepherd dog will make me more fashionable and charming on special events and even for daily activities.

ID Badge Reel Holders – RedBlack German Shepherd Dog

The red black German Shepherd dog face image designed on the decorative ID badge reel holder looks so eye-catching, fashionable and perfect for keeping my card holders, ID cards, name cards, etc.  I love it because this nice office accessory is really convenient and useful for my daily work at the office.

Phone Cases - Black German Shepherd Dog

To embellish my cell phone, I will choose this cute black German Shepherd dog design because it looks attractive, fashionable and easy to catch eyes with its beautiful black coat color. The lovely face of the black German Shepherd dog is vividly printed on the high quality transparent TPU material which greatly highlights the dog to enhance my phone’s appearance in a stylish way.

Canvas Wall Prints - German Shepherd Dog

The canvas print with the lovely German Shepherd dog face image is also excellent for interior décor. I enjoy adorning my home walls with such a stylish canvas wall poster with my favorite dog’s image as I can see it to feel happy and inspired. It also gives my home appearance a fashionable and elegant look. It’s an ideal gift idea that you intend to do for your friends or loved ones on special occasions.

4. Easy Training

My last reason why I love German Shepherds is the way we train them. Due to their high intelligence and obedience, these dogs are easy to train. They can learn quickly and simply retain lessons. However, you should start training them from a very young age. It’s great to socialize your puppy with other animals and people and introduce them to new experiences and objects. The best way to train German Shepherd puppies at home is to work on your own behavior first and then to teach them basic skills with obedience training like sit, stay, come and how to walk nicely on the leash. Moreover, they are child-friendly and enjoy children when properly socialized and trained. So, they are highly adaptable to your simple training games like toy tug, chasing and roughhousing.

If you are a big fan of German Shepherds, I think that you will have your own reasons to choose them as loving companions. You are also interested in cute German Shepherd dog designs on decorative products that you use daily and can add to your favorite German Shepherd themed collection. To search for more fashionable and stylish products printed with the German Shepherd dog themed designs, please browse here.

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