Why I Prefer Dogs Over Cats?

Why I Prefer Dogs Over Cats?

Have you ever fed pets at home? A dog or a cat? Both dogs and cats are lovely pets that we can choose as your fantastic companions. In my opinion, I prefer dogs over cats because this four-legged companion gives me a sense of control and great emotional attachment. There are a range of beautiful and loyal dog breeds which you can take care of like your family members. Let me tell you two dog breeds which I am very interested in. 

The first breed is English Bulldogs which are friendly, loyal, courageous and calm. We easily see their loose skin on the head, furrowed brow, pushed-in nose, small ears and undershot jaw with hanging chops on either side. Their coat is short, smooth and glossy and is often seen in a variety of colors and patterns.

I love this English Bulldog breed and am very excited at looking for decorative products printed with the English Bulldog images. I want to see my adorable four-legged friend each day, so I love decorating my rooms with cute English Bulldog images printed on different artful products such as wall posters, coasters, pillow covers, mouse pads, hanging ornaments and more. Below is the round hanging ornament product which I like. It is made of quality acrylic and beautifully printed with the cute English Bulldog lying down design that is perfect for decorating homes, cars, offices, schools, stores in all seasons and even for Christmas. Please click here for the lovely decorative acrylic hanging ornament and get more stylish products with English Bulldog themed designs here.

The second one that I mention here is the German Shepherd dog breed. This German Shepherd dog is a large, agile, muscular dog of noble character and high intelligence. The typical traits of the German Shepherd dog breed that we can see are loyalty, courage, confidence, the ability to learn commands for many tasks and the willingness to put their life on the line in defense of loved ones. The beautiful standard colors of their coat easily evokes creative design ideas for visual projects. Their coat colors commonly range from black, white, gray, blue, black & tan, black & silver, black & cream, …

I have interest in collecting decorative items printed with the German Shepherd dog themed designs such as the following stylish canvas print. Go here for the cute canvas print product. This 8x10 inch canvas print is made of quality and sturdy cotton canvas material that is eco-friendly, lightweight and fashionable. The cute German Shepherd face with nice text is printed with long-lasting ink and not easy to fade or discolor over time. This artful canvas print is perfect for adorning homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. It’s also a lovely gift that you can share with friends, family members and loved ones. If you are a big fan of the German Shepherd dog breed, there are a variety of unique and eye-catching artful products printed with cute German Shepherd dogs in different styles that are available for you here.

Both dogs and cats are fantastic companions. Cats are quite affectionate and attentive, but they tend to be bored or overstimulated much more easily than dogs. This is the reason why I prefer dogs over cats as they immediately come to me when I call and can sit by my side as lovely and loyal four-legged friends.

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